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Spring is just around the corner and whether you have a mancave or a she-shed, it’s time to turn it into a hive of activity… and a haven from the hectic!

If the recent spell of strong winds and poor weather has taught us anything it’s that taking good care of garden sheds and fences is an ongoing process and a real essential for the continued serviceability of any external wooden structures, especially the garden shed because of its’ importance to the gardening process, its storage capability and its value as an oasis of calm: who doesn’t love to potter around the shed with a cuppa, finding things you’d lost or planning your next project?

Caution: don’t wait until Autumn to weatherproof your garden shed and fences. You might be tempted to let it see out one more summer before giving it a lick and a promise but doing it now will prepare the shed for any inclement weather through the year – our summers are not always warm and dry –  and ensure that any deterioration gets checked, extending the life of your structure. For those of us who are really keen, you can always re-Cuprinol them with Less Mess Fence Care later in the year for added protection.

Cuprinol Less Mess Fence Care is proof that caring for your shed and garden fencing need not be such a horrible job. As it says on the tin Cuprinol Less Mess Care is easy to use and provides exceptional weatherproofing for wooden surfaces that stand outside in all weathers.

Don’t let your sheds and shacks let your garden down; a lick of paint or preserving product will brighten it, strengthen it and safeguard that handiest of outbuildings. Towy Works Ltd offers excellent value across a huge variety of products through their top quality Builders Merchant Supply Company.

Cuprinol Less Mess Fence Care provides easy application and far less mess with its one coat coverage.

Quick Drying – average drying time depending on weather conditions; 2 to 4 hours

Colours available include:

Woodland Green

Rustic Brown

Rich Oak

Autumn Red

Autumn Gold

Tip careful selection of the Cuprinol colour paint allows gardeners to make good use of sheds and garden fences in their planting. Having an attractive background colour gives placement of shrubs a new dimension because the planting can work with the colour scheme to provide synergy. Plan carefully any cordon or espalier trees along fences that are to be painted annually. By painting your fences and shed walls in Spring many plants will not be in-leaf yet and safe.

Towy Works Ltd is very popular with customers past and present from across Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion and Pembrokeshire and beyond including Swansea, due to their exceptional team of experts who have many years of experience between them in providing outstanding technical information, top quality products, the best customer service in South Wales and competitive prices.

Towy Works is open Monday to Fridays from 8 am to 4:45 pm and on Saturday from 8:30 am to 12 Noon.

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