Towy Works provides a Lift for You with WINBAG - Towy Works Ltd

As a Local Company serving the trade and the DIY enthusiast we at Towy Works Builders Merchants have added yet another brand leader to our extensive range of products. WINBAG is the latest a new product range that has been added to you help take the strain.

What is WINBAG and why is this so important?

WINBAG is an inflatable product designed to Lift it, and Level it and users will Love it for the ease of use and the fact that it is like having an extra pair of hands.

  • WINBAG will deliver 150K or 300lbs of lift at your fingertips without any exertion on your part!
  • Levelling of items including narrow gaps from 2mm to 50mm,
  • Infinite adjusting to get the level/fit just perfect,
  • Guarantees a perfect result even for the non-professional,
  • Nonabrasive, gentle on surrounding surfaces, easy to inflate and deflate,
  • One person can now do many more jobs without the extra pair/s of hands, laboursaving,
  • On handed release so that one person can get the levels correct easily,
  • Safety value allows a no fail approach to installs,
  • Very durable, can be reused and carries a one-year manufacturers guarantee.

How can WINBAG be used?

Window Lift
  • In positioning window and doors before final fastening,
  • Lifting heavy doors into place onto or from hinges without strain,
  • Lifting, positioning household appliances, domestic or commercial,
  • When installing cabinets enabling levelling when extra hands are not available,
  • Helps levelling drywall insulation.
  • Temporary lifting of heavy objects and holding item in place to facilitate hands free for the job in hand,
  • Acts as a soft shim against delicate surfaces,
  • WINBAG goes into those tight spots and narrow locations.

CAUTION: The WINBAG® should always be considered a supplementary tool, and normal precautions in the work environment should be followed. The WINBAG® is capable of producing powerful pressure between it and its surroundings and caution should therefore be exerted when inflating and deflating. The pressure in the pillow element will slowly decrease during use, and it is also possible to puncture the WINBAG® with sharp objects such as screws and drills during use. Therefore, make sure that parts being held in place or separated by the WINBAG® are firmly secured by other means. Use care when inflating and deflating WINBAG® and make sure that no body parts such as fingers or toes are between the WINBAG® and its surroundings and / or between the parts being held in place. The WINBAG® may only be operated by hand using the rubber hand pump. Never use pneumatics on the WINBAGS® and never tamper with or modify the state of which the WINBAG® was originally purchased. Do not exceed the maximum load stated per WINBAG® for any job even when using more WINBAGS® at the same time. Local building regulations and any other relevant laws must be followed when using WINBAGS®.

Towy Works is at The Quay, Carmarthen. Please, call in for all your Building Supplies and ask to see WINBAG the very handy and versatile new product that is helping to take the strain from busy people.