Tiles & General - Towy Works Ltd



We have a wonderful range of tiles from Capital; CTD, British Ceramic Tiles which include in their ranges tiles for kitchen and bathroom, from terracotta to porcelain; from mosaic, small to stunning large bathroom tiles.  We showcase current trends alongside both contemporary and traditional tiles.

In the general stores at the entrance of Towy Works on the Quay, you will find a cornucopia of products that generally do not fit in a definitive category.  So whether you are wanting to replace a grate for your Rayburn or eradicate mould on a wall we have the product.    We stock nails,bolts and tacks in all shapes and sizes.  You will find plumbing materials, electrical sockets.

We stock Eliza Tinsley  a name synonymous with:

Gate Fittings & Fencing, Door & Window Furniture & Security; Chain, Rope & Accessories, Fastners & Fixings

You can even order metal gates and railings!