Timber: the lengths you should go to. - Towy Works Ltd

Regardless of the job you’re meticulously planning around the home or garden, getting the correct timber for the job is essential.

Timber is often both the unseen, essential skeleton of any construction and a popular choice to surround and beautify it, and using an appropriate type of wood for the job in hand is your primary concern.

If you’re working on outside construction like sheds and garages, the product you choose won’t need to be highly-finished timber but it will need it to be strong, resilient and probably need to be treated with water-resistant coatings to stop it from rotting and allowing water to enter the finished project and spoil whatever’s inside. Timber being chosen for internal use may require DIYers to check with the experts to ensure the correct choice of wood is made so don’t be afraid to ask the Towy Works team for their recommendations as their colossal shared experience is freely on hand and can save you an awful lot of time, money and frustration.

No matter how big or small your project, the team in at Carmarthen can’t stress enough how important good preparation is and what a difference it will make to your costs, enjoyment of the project and lasting result. Whether you’re building kitchen units, cupboards or even tackling larger projects such as home extensions you will require a good deal of preparation including

  • accurate measuring up
  • planning and possibly even drawings
  • organisation when it comes to buying the materials: you’ll help yourself significantly if you purchase timber at the correct lengths, any glues, nails and other fastenings you’re going to need and ensure you have the correct tools for the job in hand before you start the process.

Don’t spoil the ship for ha’porth of tar: if your efforts are going to do you proud and last for years to come, you’ll reap the benefit from starting out with a professional approach – and that includes using the best quality materials and tools that you can afford. Don’t forget the old adage that if you buy cheap, you’ll buy twice.

A popular DIY project (especially at this time of year) is decking but don’t be fooled: it’s very often a specialist project. It may look easy but many professional joiners spend a good deal of time doing recovery jobs on botched decking so spare yourself the stress and possible injury and get as much advice and guidance as possible before tackling this popular project. All you have to do is #AskClive: Clive McCall is the man to talk to and he and the team are always happy to help their customers and visitors to The Quay, Carmarthen. The whole team at Towy Works has many collective years of experience in all aspects of building and construction, having been the area’s premier Builders Merchants for many years and will gladly advise customers considering timber-based DIY projects and if there’s any concern that it may be a serious challenge, they’ll advise you about the alternatives. They value their customers greatly and want you to feel confident and prepared as you safely increase your DIY skills.

Check with Clive and team about the type of timber: you’ll benefit hugely from having considered

  • how much is required – measurements are essential
  • any treatments required
  • what fixings you’re intending to use
  • how you’ll cut it to size
  • if you have proper tools for the job – your health and safety is important to Clive and team.

So get that project planned (on paper, if you can), call into The Quay and have a chat with the experts before a single length is cut or nail hammered: prior preparation prevents pitifully poor performance!

Towy Works Builder Merchants, The Quay, Carmarthen is at your service.