Summer is here and there is work to be done on paths, patios and driveways - Towy Works Ltd

Apart from the weather being more clement, getting out and doing jobs around the house and garden is easier during a dry spell and does allow some tasks to be done without frost causing problems or cold wet weather making the job a thoroughly miserable experience.

Time for action!

Many of us will be looking to deal with broken paths and walkways.  Garden paths may need a tidy up to improve walking conditions, making gardening safer and easier.

For success all DIY work needs forethought and planning

and our guys in the store and down in the yard all have hands-on experience in most kinds of construction and are always happy to give advice.

Measuring up is key,

establishing the area that is to be prepared. We recommend that when planning the work-in-hand write down a rough diagram, measure the intended path (how wide, how long etc) and add the measurements to the plan, then drop in and have a chat at Towy Works, the guys there will advise you regarding the materials and quantities that you will need to do the job, they will even organise supply and delivery of the materials and any tools you may need.

For smaller areas such as a garden path laying flagstones or block paying may be ideal, there are many types, colours and sizes, so talk to the Team in the yard first.


For a level path or patio, it is best to lay flagstones onto coarse-sand, this helps to make them level. You may want to edge the pathway with edging stones to keep the job tidy and to stop the stones from moving over time, we suggest that you put the edging stones in first, then lay the sand and then place the flagstones  or blocks neatly and in the pattern you desire. You may then wish to add some cement into the gaps to hold the flags in place permanently and to stop weeds from growing between them. (Ask Clive down in the yard about EasySeal  Block and Concrete Sealer as it is great for Driveways, paths and concrete paving).

It is important when planning a pathway to make sure that the correct surface is chosen so that anyone who is less able or wheelchair bound can get around without difficulty. Plus, one does not want puddles settling that may ice-up during winter so getting the levels right is important. Whether you want a flagstone path, block paving or concrete talk to Clive and his team down in the yard on the Quay.  They can show you what is available and what is best for your needs.   They are all highly experienced and knowledgeable about all aspects of Building Supplies and he will advise on small jobs for the DIY’ers and all the way up to major projects when he will handle the Bill of Quantities and help get your job underway.

Laying a garden path or larger area can be hard work and a major headache. If you are not sure about your capabilities to handle the task talk to the experts, they will look after you and get the job done.