Laying a Patio: an Excellent Use of Outdoor Space - Towy Works Ltd

Outdoor living space can be enhanced in appearance and usefulness with a bit of careful planning and laying a patio is one exceptional way to achieve both.

Planning is the key.  Firstly, measure the area that you want to make into a patio, draw a plan on graph-paper and calculate the area to be covered. Not sure about how to measure your plot, or maybe the plot is an odd shape and you need help? Or do you feel that the result will be more professional if it is done for you?

The Team at Towy Works can advise you and if required will supply the materials and complete the work for you.

Your new patio can be as large or small as you have room for, and the space can become an outdoor extension of your home. The surface can be made to measure in beautiful patterned brickwork or flagstones: the team at Towy Works have years of experience and can advise on what will work best depending on the shape and size of the available space.

Planning a dining patio? No problem, talk to the team for sound professional advice.

Somewhere to sit in the sun or shade and relax with a glass of something cool? No problem, even the smallest patio can have enough space for a chair or two and a table.

Patios can be kept as clear as you wish, for an uncluttered free-space keep the decorative items to a minimum. However, for those of us who love living colour planters may be introduced on the patio.

Surrounding the patio with a coping wall may suit in some cases whereas an open-plan style would allow one to step straight onto a lawn or pathway.

The key to patio design is to plan, decide what you prefer or talk with the professionals at Towy Works who benefit from years of experience and know exactly what the alternatives are, including relative costs.

Tip: dryer weather is best for laying patios as there is no need for covering up wet concrete unless rain is forecast. Also, if you can get your patio hard surfaces down early it will allow your plants time to recover before summer.

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When you want the job doing properly, make the most of their expert staff and consult the team at Towy Works Ltd.