Is it time to make a clean break from your old Bathroom? - Towy Works Ltd

New Bathroom? It’s the perfect time!

Whether you intend to Do-It-Yourself or get the experts in, these long, warm, drying days are the perfect time to make a start as we can throw open all the windows and let the fug, dust and odours out of the house.

Much depends on what you plan to do: will the task be a full refit with new tiles, cabinets, plumbing and wiring? Or is the planned work smaller; maybe a part-refurbishment and a tidy up?

As always, the ‘P’ word comes into the equation: without judicious planning and careful execution what starts as a simple task could end with difficult and costly issues.


Firstly, establish the size of the task

Work out the cost including the ‘opportunity cost’: ‘what could I be doing with my time if I was paying an expert to do the work and would the job be done in a timely fashion,  efficiently, and  professionally?’

Being a bit of a handy man is fine as far as it goes but have a chat with the Malcolm Davies or Mike Price before you spend any cash and see what they recommend.  They will even create a 3D design for you.   They can also recommend installers.  Towy Works wants your custom for the long term, so it’s always in their interest to look after you in the most professional and helpful way.

Tiling is a skilled craft

Have a word with the Team at Towy Works and check out the range of tiles (a diverse and high-quality selection with many shapes and sizes) and ask about what they recommend. In addition, DIY fans will need adhesive, grout and the correct tools for the job.

Have a word with the two Waynes – Wayne Morris and Wayne Jones – who have an amazing range of tiles from industry experts like Capital, CTD and British Ceramic Tiles which includes their specially designed tiles for all parts of the home.

Planning a Wetroom?

You’ll need plenty of tiles to clad it, including the ceiling. The transformation will require a lot of tiles – and a lot of expertise. In addition to the surface preparations don’t forget the alterations that will need to be made to the plumbing and wiring (safely working with water and electricity is a BIG undertaking) to facilitate the water supply, pressure and temperature. The technical know-how and experience of the Team at Towy Works could save you a huge amount of time, effort and grief so simply ask them how they’d advise you undertake the work and make the most of all their experience and wisdom.

Whatever your preference – a cloakroom, shower-room or complete bathroom, whether it needs to take limited mobility (or budget) into account, Towy Works have a vast catalogue of options for you to peruse at their Quayside premises including products and furniture by Ideal Standard, Lakes Bathrooms, Roper Rhodes, Novellini, Samuel Heath and J Ellis. This summer, get the Towy Works team on your side and create the perfect bathroom.

Towy Works is situated at The Quay, Carmarthen and is open Monday to Friday between 8am and 4:45pm and on Saturday from 8:30am to 12noon.

Call in and be sure of a warm welcome.