Garden Rooms Are What You Make Them - Towy Works Ltd

Garden rooms are an increasingly desirable aspect of home living space and can literally be what you want them to be. Whether you’re thinking big, small, simple or complex: if there is a space in which to place it, anything is possible.

Step One, get out the tape measure, graph paper and pencil. Measure the available space and draw roughly to scale what you want the room to look like. One’s Garden Room can be as small as a potting shed and may be decorated inside to create a small haven of peace away from the pressures of life. Alternatively, your proposed Garden Room could be a studio sized room in which to work, run your home office, relax, a playroom for the children (out of earshot!), in fact, there are many uses for such a building, and the word ‘building’ is key because the Garden Room will need to be built properly and safely.

Step Two, make sure that there are no legal objections to the building i.e. planning restrictions, and it is a good idea to have a friendly chat with the neighbours and let them know what you are planning.

Step Three, by this stage you will need to make working drawings and plan the materials and amenities that you will need, electrical connections safely installed and tested, plumbing if required, what shape and any divisions within, how many windows, a flat or angled roof etc.

Stage Four, once the shell, is assembled and the roof is on, windows fitted and the outer shell weatherproof and fitted out with electrics etc. it will be time to decorate the interior and possibly exterior – depending on your intentions. Towy Works offers a fabulous range of interior and exterior paints from the Dulux Range that are perfect for any planned use. The Dulux Weathershield range of paints is perfect for the job with Primers, Undercoats, Masonry Paints etc. Whereas, interior paints are available in Eggshell, Vinyl Matt, Silk, or Soft Sheen, and High Gloss, plus the Eco Range.

However, building anything is the province of the professionals at Towy Works Ltd, our local specialist Company that is the go-to place for everything that you need when constructing a building large or small, from the materials for footings to roof tiles and everything in between. Professionals not only supply the right materials for the task at hand, they know how and with what the job can be done. Years of experience are readily available from the team at Towy Works and with it first-class customer service.

Towy Works Ltd on the riverside in Carmarthen has been established as a builder’s merchant since 1795, it is the one-stop shop for local tradesmen and DIY enthusiasts.

It carries an impressive range of products and has an outstanding reputation for having ‘just what you need’ at the best prices so when you want the job doing properly, make the most of their experienced and expert staff and consult the team at Towy Works Ltd.