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Seal and prevent damp walls with No More Damp ThermalDry 

Our homes in spring, summer and autumn are able to enjoy good ventilation; heat retention and loss is less of a problem. We can bear to have the windows open on a cooler day and enjoy the relief they bring, flung open, on warmer days. During winter, however, many of us in west Wales have to contend with the return of the dreaded damp, mould and mildew when temperatures drop. From full rooms that have poor circulation to steamy bathrooms and all points between, many homes (especially older ones) struggle to cope with difference in temperatures.

Damp in property is a problem for householders and commercial property owners. it’s ugly, it’s worrying and, most importantly, it causes health problems for the occupants and will cause deterioration in the property if left untreated.

Towy Works Carmarthen offers the ideal solution.

No More Damp ThermalDry Anti-Condensation Coating is a thermal insulating material.                                                                                                                                                                          Not only does it combat mould and deterioration but is also a very effective energy saving product, and is water repelling.

This newly developed copolymer actually raises the wall temperature to eliminate the formation of condensation and ultimately mould growth due to dampness. As condensation forms on a cold surface when it meets warm air, No More Damp ThermalDry reduces the difference between the two and therefore removes the problem. Once the wall surface is warm and dry the formation of mould is eliminated. The product is a styrene-acrylic copolymer dispersion water-based coating and is designed to be used in a variety of potentially steamy situations and areas including: Bathrooms, Utility Rooms, Kitchens, Lintels above windows and doors where there may be cold spots, cold walls and ceilings plus many industrial applications.

Your walls suffer reduced deterioration, your decor is unspoiled and – better than those combined – health issues and chest problems are reduced for the occupants.

Mould Removal the Effective Way with No More Mould MCS3 at Towy Works

MCS3 No More Mould Fungicidal Additive works to prevent the growth of mould when it is added to emulsions and paints, wallpaper past and grout. Mould spores like moist surfaces and will thrive in damp properties but adding the liquid to your decorating choices prior to application means that the protection goes on with the paint. Moulds do produce allergens that can affect the health and well-being of occupants of property and they’re associated in particular with asthma. In addition mould will cause damage to property if not eliminated – there is no winner when a house is damp and mouldy so when you redecorate, remember that prevention is better than cure and pick some up from Towy Works.

MCS3 Fungicidal Additive prevents the return of mould spores on an area of wall or ceiling that has been properly treated with Mould Clear Solution MCS1.

MCS3 No More Mould Fungicidal Additive can be used on walls, ceilings, window reveals, frames, doors and all other relevant surfaces.

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