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We stock a wide range of products for the majority of decorating projects you may have.

For the Home

Dulux Trade is a product we regularly recommend for both public and trade. It comes in a variety of finishes to suit most design aspirations.

Interior finishes:

Eggshell, Vinyl Matt, Vinyl Silk, Vinyl Soft Sheen, Satin, High Gloss and have you tried our Eco Range?

There are specialist paints for Mould, for Cellars, for Metal and for Wood from the preparation products to the final coat.

Exterior finishes:

The Dulux Weathershield range is ideal for exteriors from Fungicidal Washes, Primers, and Undercoats to Masonry Paint Smooth or Textured, plus much much more.

Preparation from Polycell Trade gives you different fillers and foams

Cuprinol a respected name in wood preservation.  Ideal for fences, benches, sheds and garden houses and comes in a good range of colours.

Hammerite is popular for applying directly to metal without the need of a primer and comes in a range of 40 colours.

You will find everything you need for your project from a range of professional brushes, rollers, ladders for those high to reach places,  cleaners, masking tape,and dust sheets. You get the picture?  If you don’t find the product you want we can usually order it in just #AskEvs or #AskSion